Monday, 3 November 2014

Napoleonics in 15mm

Back to my roots, as they say.
After many years of wandering the wilderness of 28mm gaming, I am now finally back to where I started.
Well nearly ( Like many of us I started with the old Airfix 20mm stuff) but my first foray into metals was way back in the late 70's and in 15mm.
Many factors have contributed to this.
The main one is gaming space, since I moved house and lost my gaming cabin.
The loss of my 10 x 6 games table is one of the main reasons for down scaling.
My new games room with it's meagre 6 x 5 table cannot accommodate large 28mm gaming.
We tried it and it does not work.
We even reduced everything to 50% and it still did not look right or work.
So! all the 28mm stuff has gone.
The 15mm collection is steadily growing, most periods are now covered.
Although a mammoth re-basing schedule is proving to be difficult.
We have also now replaced all the terrain for 15mm and the table is looking better already.
Here are a few pics from last Thursdays Naps game.
Andy's Russians vs My French and Bavarians.
Big game, so we could see how things look and test the water.
It looked great and played brilliantly (Black Powder).

Set up and ready for the troops to appear

Rolling terrain again

Town Block and river crossing

The other river crossing

The New Chateau, Thanks Glenn

French troops arrive

Russians arrive

More Russians arrive

Bavarians arrive
Maybe you have noticed that we are missing the usual yellow dice and counters.
We have been using these to mark Casualties and Disorder.
We have been busy creating new ways to show this without the need to fill the table with Dice etc.
We now have Hex's with a casualty figure on and single figures for disorder.
Check out the last pic in the far right upper corner.
We are hoping to add these touch to all the periods we play.
It looks a lot better.
I'll pop a few pics of the markers on here in the near future.

Let battle commence

French and Russians face off

The ebb and flow of battle


  1. Looks nice, could use the warbsae mini casualty counter with a figure on that. That's what I intend to do for the 6mm Hail Caesar project

    What are you playing this Thursday?


    1. We gone with hexes with the sides numbered.
      They look good Ian.
      Napoleonics again this week

    2. Looking forward to seeing what you have done. Hope to get over if that's OK,


    3. Be good to see you there Ian usual time buddy we have plenty of troops

    4. Yep Ian , be good to see you again.
      plenty of troops bud.
      Your more than welcome , as Andy says , usual time.

  2. Looks great, love the 'new chateau'!

    1. Thanks Phil.
      Glenn bought it off ebay.
      I based it for us

  3. Sometimes getting back to your roots is good but you jettisoned ALL of your 28s? Desperate times call for desperate measures.

    As Phil noted above, I like the chateau!

    1. All the 28's gone Jonathan.
      not a single one left except for my Saga stuff.
      That may well go soon aswell.

    2. I would caution regards getting rid of those Saga boys, you may have had enough Saga but other rules are sure to follow and as the figures don't take up a lot of space.....


    3. Very true Ian but i have loads of 20mm Dark Ages as well

  4. Looking good Kev! 15mm is King!!!

  5. This what I would enjoy - doing the landscape - I'm just not a game player. But I could imagine putting together trees and stuff. Remarkable work, Kevin!

    1. Many Thanks,
      Building the scenics etc is a very integral part of the hobby


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