Monday, 20 October 2014

Hail Caesar with a Special Guest.

Last Thursdays Games night saw our usual foray into "Hail Caesar" and once again our ancient British ancestors pitted their skills against the might of Rome.
We also had a special guest for the evening in the shape of Ian Willey of the Blog with No Name.
Ian turned up in a whistle and flute as he had come straight from work.
Very British..
After a few minutes of piss taking, we got on with the game
A report by Ian can be found Here
It all started well-ish.
Here are a few pics from the game.

Let the Slaughter begin

The Might of Rome advances

The Brits advance to defend their village

Poised ready for the assault

The Brits are checked as Rome's meat grinder trudges forward

Ian's Cavalry is hurled back 

The British centre is destroyed

My British cavalry is soundly beaten, The Might of Rome prevails

The Happy, Gloating couple (Loki & Glenn)

What a disaster.
The Brits were slaughtered.
All the warbands destroyed, cavalry beaten from the field of battle, all that remained were a few skirmishers fleeing for their lives.
Roman casualties were non-existent.
Myself and Ian got a proper thumping.

I'm happy that Ian still enjoyed himself and would like to come along again.
You are always welcome Ian, anytime.


  1. Tut. Tut. You should have all been in suits, ties and all. Drinking cups of tea from the best china (pinkies extended) as you grasp the finer tactics of antiquity.

  2. We tried that Roy
    It didn't work either

  3. Very good! Lucky for Ian you snapped a photo so that he has proof explaining his late arrival home from work. I might find it difficult gaming in such restrictive wear. Ian was at a disadvantage, for sure!

  4. Hmmmm a Tyke in a suit - usually the Groom, Best Man or The Accused . ...

  5. I had the accused bit all night!!!

    was great fun and really happy they will let me play again


  6. As it should be,,,,hail caesar!

  7. Well done chaps!!! looked like a great game..............for the Romans!!!

  8. Lots of fun by the looks.

  9. Now that is what I call a real Gentleman! Good show Ian! I also enjoyed the battle report and pictures! Thanks for sharing!



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