Friday, 14 September 2012

A week of Great Gaming & Victories

Well !!!!
My busy week of gaming is over and what a week.
The destruction of my Yanks on sunday.
My Valentica army beating the undead hordes of Kelly on Monday evening.
Scraping a victory against Mals Rangers in our M&T game on Wednesday and a Glorious victory for my valiant Scots, last night.
M&T pics.

The Layout

One of the two river crossing points

The Trading post

My Americans move to the bridge

Mals Officer in negotiations with the locals

Mals Ranger take heavy casualties at the 2nd crossing point

My Lights move to the crossing

Mals Injuns jump my lights nearly wiping them out

Mals Officer decides to flee the field

Followed by the last of his Rangers.
All in all, a great game, very cagey that went back and forth.
Every Random event went against me. Mal had reinforcements, a promoted officer, and I took 2 reaction tests from the damn random event table.
On The plus side, I managed my sub plot (my officer did'nt kill anyone and never fired a shot) haha.
Mals sub plot, the negotiations, were successfull but the civilian routed off the table, so did'nt survive the fight.
I managed my Scouting mission (Just) with the 6 figures left on the table that I needed.
A damn fine game,
A big thanks to Mal for coming over with his new and very impressive Ranger force, I'm two up now buddy.
Last night saw my hairy kilted Scots face the steady British lines of Karl.
This is the sixth installment of our epic struggle.
With my Scots victorious in the first two games, followed by three heavy defeats.
I decided to change my tactics once again, I needed a breakthrough to win.
I cant match the Brits in a stand up fight, I have tried it, so I resorted to my one and only tactic, "CHARGE"
Karls Battle line was formidable.
He had his strength on  his left flank (Grenadiers), a strong centre with rear supporting units and his poor cavalry on his right.
My outnumbered Scots formed up ready to deliver the charge.
I deployed  a small brigade of 1 x Gun and a French and lowland Bttn to hold his Grenadiers in place.
I formed up all my 5 clan units with a gun and one more French in the centre, with my 3 cavalry facing Karls cavalry on my left.
I picked Karls weak spot, the cavalry and the hinge where his cavalry met his centre.
My clans surged forward towards the centre then swung left to hit the weak spot.
My scots hussars broke through on the flank as Karls centre shot the hell out of my clans.
Although my clans were battered, they kept going and clatterd into Karls line.
Two British bttns Broke and fled and a gun was over run.
The British Dragoons were beaten and my embattled Scots went through the British line to claim a great but very costly victory.
A big thanks to Karl for a great game.
Played in the true spirit of the rebellion.
Thats three all now Karl.
A few pics of the epic struggle.

The Formidable British Battle Line

The Scots view from my right flank

The Highland charge starts

My Clans swing left to hit the Brits on what I thought was the weak spot.

My Little Hussar unit drives off the British Dragoons

The British Right flank collapses, "Breakthrough."

My battered right still holding the British Grenadiers at the end of the battle.

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