Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Recent Gaming

Well !!
Busy last few weeks on the gaming front.
Got my butt kicked last sunday at ACW (F&F).
My Yanks were given a good beating by the combined efforts of Andy & Jp's Rebs.
The Sunday before saw us Playtesting a M&T Zulu war Variant by Andy.
That was great fun and played brilliantly, (you can do soooooooooo much with the M&T mechanics).
Had my 2nd game of Kings of War on Monday evening.
My Valentica Humans vs Kelly with the Undead.
I totally destroyed the Undead horde, which was a suprise.
Today I am playing M&T against Mals Ranger force.
I'll be fielding an American Light infantry 200pt force against him.
I'll take a few pics of the game, Mal will probably do the same for his Mi7 Blog.
Myself & Karl will be gaming the Jacobite Rebellion on Thursday.
No doubt another kicking for my valiant scots.
A 600pt'er, oooooooooooo this will be a big battle, ala Culloden'esk.
On the painting front, I am busy with the WotR for Peter.
Currently working on the Duke of Clarence's retinue.
I have had the final art proofs of the Livery Decals from Citadelsix.
And superb they look aswell.

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