Friday, 26 October 2012

Last nights WW2 game.

Myself & Glenn indulged in a little bit off "Rapid Fire" last night.
Fighting over the control of a bridge somewhere in France.
The Scenario.
French Partizans destroyed the German company holding the bridge and awaited the approaching British force.
The Bridge must be intact and held.
German re-inforcements are on the way with orders to destroy the bridge and stop any attempted Allied crossing of the river.

British Force consisted of.
1 x Bttn of Infantry with  A/T supports in halftracks and carriers.
Mg Support Company.
2 x Medium tank squadrons, (Firefly and 2 Cromwells) & Firefly HQ.
1 x Bridging tank.
1 x Field artillery battery with Sherman OP, ( 2 x Sextons)
1 x Groups of Partizans.

German force consisted of.
1 x Armoured Infantry Bttn (Hanomags)
2 x Engineers Companies.
PzIV tank squardron (3)
2 x Stugs.
1 x Panther (HQ)
1 x Artillery battery (2 x 105mm) with OP in Staff car.
1 x Pak 40 A/T.

In a very hard fought game, by nightfall, the bridge was intact and still in British hands.
The German engineers having failed to destroy the bridge.
Well done Glenn, a deserved victory after all went wrong at the start, lol.
A few pics of the game....

The victorious Partizans advance over the bridge to occupy the
 buildings in the village.

The quiet village before the German assault.

German tanks moving into the village.

Quiet country silence is broken with the rumbling of tracks.

A lone brave partizan damages a Stug as he is gunned down.

Cromwells attempt the first crossing and are stopped.

The British HQ Firefly goes up in Flames.

Carnage on the bridge.

Firefight at the bridge

The British flanking force race into the village after
Crossing the river

The British mow down the German engineers and
take the bridge.

British forces link up and secure the bridge objective.

The Flanking river crossing.

German artillery pound the advancing Brits, but it's
too late.


  1. Looks very nice!

    What scale was this in?

  2. Looks brilliant, I used to love playing Rapid Fire


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