Tuesday, 29 January 2013

"When it Rains"

Well, what a bloody week.
First the nightmare of moving my mom into her new flat.
That was all completed last saturday, thank god.
Then on Sunday morning at 7am, my Mrs fell down the stairs and broke her big toe in 3 places.
She is now in agony on crutches and has to go to the fracture clinic tomorrow to see a specialist to check the extent of the damage.
The minor injuries clinic just xrayed it and said yuuuup it broken ok.
They strapped it up and sent her home.
You would not believe how a broken toe could be sooooooo debilitating.
A big thankyou to my buddy Loki (Andy) for getting her to the Minor injuries clinic and for the hostpital run tomorrow.
Trying to get a bit of painting done, nearly finished a couple of WotR commanders.

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