Wednesday, 20 February 2013

My Charlie at the Cabin

Well here we are.
At last my lovely Mrs has finally found the delights of the painting table.
She agrees that it is a lovely way to relax and to unwind.
Especially while her foot recovers from the break.
She is painting 54mm Archers and Xbowmen for my future "Siege" game.
Does take her a while but she is getting better.
Although the first Xbowmen look like Monsters she recons.

More like Zombies Hun, but your getting there.


  1. Good training there Kev, and I think they look pretty decent. Perhaps your good lady could start a blog exhorting other spouses to take up the brush..

  2. Ahh cool Zombie archers neat twist ;)

  3. That's some great news Kev! I am trying to convert my wife two. At least I would like her to do the base coat, painting the bases and do the varnish. Well all the tedious tasks... Would save me a lot of time ;-)
    I suggest you come up with an How To: 'How To turn your wife into a miniature painter'



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