Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Workbench updates Feb

Well, it's been a funny couple of weeks.
Sorry for the non activity.
Not really done much painting, once again family commitments.
I have been working on some Westphalians for Chris & some more WotR for Peter.
My own project of a Siege game is coming along fine.
The rules are nearly ready for play testing, the figures are coming along slowly.
This will be a 54mm castle game.
The figures are in a basic block style for ease and speed.
I know they dont look as nice but my Mrs is learning to paint and these are a good start for her.
She is working on the missile units to start with (bows, xbows etc)
The castle is nearly ready, just needs the basing done and the keep roofing completed.
The castle is modular to allow things like breakthroughs and different set-ups.
The troops are in small units, a bit like Saga, although the games is card driven.
I'll pop on more details as it evolves..

My workbench as it was last tuesday.


  1. Charlie needs a blog so we can view her work :)

  2. She is having one buddy.
    Just basing the archers for her. She is currently painting 2 units of Xbow and a another unit of archers.
    Takes her hours though, but she is getting a bit faster.


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