Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Challenge Updates, WotR & ECW

My last couple of challenge entries were Oxfords Shire levy bowmen and more ECW 54mm.
First up are the shire bowmen.
All perry 28's.

Followed by the ECW musketeers in Green to go with the previous Green Pike.

My Bloodbowl game was cancelled last sunday as Andy was busy at home. A trip to the club had me watching a Trafalgar game between Glenn and Matt.. Very interesting.
Jp was playing BB against Matt with Kieron playing against Tom.
Both games were league fixtures.
This week I am missing my usual Thursday night spot as it is valentines day and also my Mrs birthday.
Jeeze!! double crap if I forget it.
Sunday will see me in another Kings of War battle, this time against Craigs Orc's.


  1. Nice paint work Kev, remind me to glue yourbrushes on my next visit ;)

  2. You will hate me when I post the 100 x 54mm I have done, pmsl....


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