Friday, 8 February 2013

Last Nights Prussian Disaster

My first home gaming session for a while last night was a complete disaster.
My Prussians had not been on the table for quite a while and last night faced off against Karls Austrians.
I got my arse completely whupped.
I can whinge on about my shocking dice rolls and Karls brilliant dice rolls, but in the end I was soundly defeated.
Well done to Karl with his Austrians, I was totally outgunned, out played, out diced & out cavalried from the SYW master himself.
I think I will stick with my Russians in future, haha, more bloody guns.
One thing I learned from last night.
No matter how good and expensive the cavalry are, they are crap if they wont charge.
Great game though, a few pics of the forces from the game.
My hard pressed Prussian Infantry

Karls Austrian Infantry

My Useless Cavalry

Karl on his first move to victory

Karls Hungarian centre advanced slowly to engage my Prussians


  1. Jolly good. Which rules did you use?

    1. Thanks Seb, We use a set I devised myself. A bit of a cross between General de Bridage & Fire & Fury.
      It works very well and has a points system for competitive games.

  2. Great looking troops. Better luck next time! ;-)

  3. great looking game, the figures are stunning

  4. Thanks Guys.
    We love the SYW period and have most armies from the period.
    These were all painted by myself, a good few years back when I could see what I was painting, haha.


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