Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Challenge Entries, WotR Bills.

I am still working on the WotR commission.
This is large, but I am getting there.
Curt has kindly posted these on the challenge, so time for my own blog entry.
They were listed with some 54mm Medievals, I will list those on here later.
Here we have Richard "Duke of Gloucester's" Billmen and William "Lord Hasting's" Billmen.
I have decided to paint the livery instead of using the decals.
Don't get me wrong, the decals from CitadelSix are awesome.
I just find them to small to use with my fading eyesight and clumsy fingers.
Also, with them been created onto a white background, they are just too think to pop onto a 28mm figure.
Even the microsol products dont really work.
I may still use some of the larger decals, but the small front livery patches are a no, no.
Looks like I will be painting them.

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