Friday, 15 March 2013

Oh! the burning ships.

What a game of "Trafalgar" last night.
This was our second consecutive game of the excellent naval warfare game introduced to us by Glenn.
Glenn is ex Royal Navy and is currently a Naval Reservist.
Although he likes all manner of games and historical periods, he seems very much at home with this one (although his dice rolling has'nt really improved, lol).
I made the island (Last Blog) and it was used with its gun forts last night.
Glenn commanded a French fleet with the island under French control.
Myself amd Karl commanded the British fleet.
Our objective was to destroy the gun forts and force a landing on the island.
Glenns objective was simple.
Use his slightly outnumbered French fleet to stop this happening.
All started well.
Both fleets advanced to engage.
Karl commanded the main element of the British fleet, I commanded the second element and made the initial attack on the forts.
Part of my group attacked Glenns advancing French. Karl attacked the main French fleet.
The attack on the forts was short, after setting one on fire, the response from the forts was destructive.
My attacking frigates limped away after comming of worse, (forts are tough)
Both fleets then engaged in a whirling mass of destruction.
As night fell, both fleets disengaged.
The French sufferd the most damage, although the British were badly mauled.
Many ships were ablaze, some abandonned and crippled.
The island was still in French hands and the forts held firm.
We gave the game to Glenn as a French tactical victory. Next week will see us try again.
A few pics of a most excellent game and some superb model ship eye candy by Glenn.
Sea is carpet squares, (working on this), Islands by me, Drinks & Buscuits by Charlie.

Starting positions

Glenns French about to engage Karls fleet

My Fleet about to engage Glenns and the Fort

Glenn and Karl, "BROADSIDES"

Glen and Me, "Abandon Ships"

Getting a BROADSIDE up the arse (Stern Rake) is not nice.

Burning wrecks continue to pound each other.


  1. Great looking ships. Sounds like it was a fun game.

  2. It was a riot Sean, I really enjoyed it.
    Rematch next week.

  3. Supurb! BZs to Glenn, he has done an amazing job on those ships; 1:1200 is the dog's proverbials for Traf.
    Were those dastardly froggy forts using heated shot? You may have to take them out with a landing party, perhaps in 28mm?

  4. Cheers Brendon, nope, no heated shot, they did'nt need it.
    Landing party in 6mm I recon, watch this space.
    Yep Glenn has done a superb job on the fleets.

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