Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Last Sundays "Muskets & Tomahawks" bash, part 2

Last Sunday (21st) saw myself and Andy play a repeat of the M&T game we played on the previous Sunday, (see his blog for the battle report).
He kindly sent me some pics he took so I could do the report.
Once again it was FIW, with Andy's French against my Brits. Glenn turned up to be Cardmaster (& to show us his M&T War of 1812 Canadians he has been working on).
After my whupping the week before, my Brits were in a mood for revenge.
This time out, I was protecting the poor civilians from the rampaging French (Protection Scenario)
Andy got the Engagement scenario, very similar to the week before, Scout and Protect scenarios.
I decided my Rangers would be the force of the table, needing a pass roll to enter at the start of each turn.
My two 6 man units of Light Infantry set up within 4" of the civilians who were hiding in the two cabins..
My officer was a bit more central to allow him to direct either unit.
Andy deployed his force with the Franches de la Marine on his right, the Cour des Bois in the centre and his Injuns sneaking down the left.

Starting Positions
Andy's French rapidly moved towards the settlement with the aid of some good early cards as my Brits shuffled around to deal with the threat.
The British unit on Andy's right entered the cabin with the civilians to help their resolve a little.
The Cour des Bois snook upto the cabin in the centre and prepared to assault the hapless civilians in there.
The Brits covering the cabin went onto vigilance as the injuns were spotted at the wood edge  to the right.
The French Marines advanced through the cornfield to the left cabin and started firing at the occupants.

The French poised ready as the Brits dig in.
 Andy launched the assault into the civilians in the centre cabin.
A lone civilian defended the door and was cut down in the doorway as the Cour des Bois attempted to batter their way in.
The civilians recoiled and the remaining four fled, one falling as they ran.
The three remaining were now in the open to the rear of the cabin and Andy's Injuns looked on with a wry smile at the thought of fresh scalps.
This is when things went bad for the french, A volley from the Brits in the other cabin cut down four of the Cour des Bois before they had a chance to get into the cabin and into cover.
The remainig two routed and fled.
Andy followed this with an assault from the marines on the left cabin as the Brits were trying to re-load.
Another doorway melee ensued with both sides taking casualties.
Luckily my Brits passed a reaction and continued to fight. The Marines numbers counted for nothing in the narrow doorway as one marine struggled against two Brits Light Infantrymen.
The Marines broke and fled for the safety of the cornfield, losing many men in the retreat.
Andy's force was now at a level where the morale card was added to the deck of cards.
To make things even worse, the British Rangers appeared and surprised the injuns by appearing on their flank.

How it all ended
With the civilians safe, the Brits in a strong position and the injuns ready to face a fresh unit of Rangers. the game ended.
This makes one game each with one more to play.
The final game of this mini campaign will be an straight forward fight with both forces on the Engagement scenario.
This will be played in the next week of so.
A big thanks to Andy (Loki) for a great game.
To Glenn for his help as Cardmaster.
To finish, Glenn brought along some of his new Canadians for the M&T version of  "The War of 1812".
Very nice they look too.
A little teaser.

Canadian Militia engage some Redskins 


  1. Very cool!

    Maybe arrange a 4 player 400 point M&T bash sometime?

  2. Great report Kev, thats one a piece now!!

  3. Nice game. I like the Cabins with the playable interior. Good to have things all even going into the last game.


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