Sunday, 21 April 2013

Busy week over, back to the grind, Salute, Gaming, forthcoming wedding and Triples.

What a busy week.
Building work, decorating all done, yaaay.
Andy (Loki) went to Salute, working visit I think from what he says.
Said it was manic, very busy, he did'nt get to see much.
I did'nt go, too far.
Getting ready for myself and Charlies big day in May, jeeze the planning it takes to get wed.
Musquets and Tommyhawks again tonight with Loki & Glenn.
Will probs play at mine as it saves taking all the scenery around to the club.
I have new dice, lets see if the buggers work for a change.
Soon be Triples, the week after I get married, if I have any money left.


  1. Met up with Loki, nice guy, he said you were decorating!

    1. Sure have Fran, been manic here.. Hope you enjoyed Salute.

  2. New Dice LOL another burning ceremony later then!!

  3. I didn't get to go to Salute either. After you get married, you will never have money again. Just ask my husband!

    1. Haha, thanks Anne, I know that already.
      I am quite lucky my future wife likes to paint and game.
      So she does understand the uncontrolable need to buy miniatures, well sort of.
      I bid you Welcome to my blog.


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