Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Tamsins Prize Draws :/

Get yourselves over to the Wargaming Girls Blogspot for some excellent giveaways.

Post away and win things if your lucky enough to get your name pulled out of the proverbial hat.
Sorry about the title, ooooops!
next up is the long awaited "La Lil Francais" battle report.
You will laugh, I promise.


  1. Have you edited the title? The only thing wrong with it is a missing apostrophe that I can see.

    now, if it had been "Tamsin's Prize Drawers" or "Tamsin's Drawers Prize" then I'd be asking Charlie to have words with you for me! ;)

  2. Sorry Tamsin, I didn't edit it, maybe I should have.
    Whats an Apostrophe ?


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