Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Thursday evenings game "The Assault on La Lil Francais"

Yes I am gaming on the eve of my wedding, hardcore or what, lmfao...
This is the final chapter in the "Trafalgar" mini campaign we have been playing.
Here is the narrative for the game.
Andy (Loki) will be playing the defending French.
Karl & Glenn will be either part of the British landing party.
We are using a slightly doctored version of "Muskets & Tomahawks".

The Island of La Lil Francais.
La Lil Francais, under French control for 600 years is a vital island and supply base for the French navy during Napoleons war on Europe.
Situated just off the coast of Western France.
The British navy were given the task of taking the island from the French.
The British knew the French would commit a fleet to defend the island.
The initial British attack caused much damage to the forts that defend the island from a seaborne attack.
The French fleet was also badly mauled in the first engagement, but so was the British fleet.
The second attack by the British was also doomed to failure as the remainder of the French fleet put up one hell of a fight.
The British fleet though was successful in forcing the French fleet away and blockading the island.
The third action saw the French fleet attempt to break the blockade and get vital supplies to the island garrison.
During this third action, the French fort defending the east of the island was destroyed.
A lucky shot hit the powder room reducing the fort to rubble.
The gun emplacement defending the west of the island was also badly damaged.
As the British prepared their troops for a landing on the west side, a lone French supply ship slipped through the blockade and in to the harbour.
Fresh troops and supplies of powder will now make the landing party's task more difficult.

The French commander, “Count de la Nastille” has received his orders.
Hold the island at all costs, a fresh French fleet is en route.

The British commanders “Captain John Smith” and “Captain Peter Jones” are to defeat the local French forces and secure the island.
The battered British fleet is offshore, fresh troops are not available.
The British have 6 days before the French fleet arrives and the remains of the British fleet is forced to retreat back into British waters.

French forces.... some start hidden.
A French Commander, the Count. (Cruel womanising lout, hates the British, A coward).
French Officers (a good one, Gentille and a bad one, Treville).
Regular French infantry. ( a rather fat lazy lot who have got used to the local wine and women).
French Voltigeurs, (Good, but not as good as they would like to think they are)
French Chasseurs (only a few of them and the best the French infantry have to offer).
Artillery, (a couple of guns salvaged from the fort)
French Lancers, (tough old retired veterans from Spain).
French Gendarmes, (local mounted policemen, all ex heavy cavalrymen from earlier wars)
Civilians. (locals who just want to get stuck in, until a shot is fired at them that is)

British Forces.
British Commanders. (Captains Smith & Jones, Honourable chaps with stiff upper lips).
British Marines, (Good quality regulars).
British Light Infantry, (Wellingtons gift for the assault, the best the Brits have).
Portuguese Cacadores, (another gift from Wellington, rifle armed and deadly)
British Seamen, (deadly with a cutlass, piratical types, more interested in the local wine and women, difficult to control when off the ships).

Victory to whoever can reduce their opponent to 2/3 casualties.
The British take and hold the town at the end of the game.

I will take some pics (Promise).
Umpire notes will be available for any who want them after the game.
The troops involved will be from various periods, but they should fit the bill.
I will be playing the part of the Cardmaster and Umpire.
There will be some fun surprises for all the players during the game, Bwwaaaahaaaahaaaa.
I know this is complete historical twaddle, it's designed to be a bit of fun.
Hopefully this will be a new start in gaming for me.
A lovely new wife and a new attitude to gaming, nuff said.


  1. Merci, por la positione du Count de la Nastille although the finalpoint in the description is off, I may be a creul womaniser who hates roast beoufs but coward :(

  2. Looking forward to the pics!! Very brave gaming near the wedding!!

  3. Definitely looking forward to pictures!

  4. sounds like a good game is in the offing. Hope your Wedding day goes well too

  5. Sounds like a great bachelor party. Can't wait to see the pics.


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