Monday, 15 July 2013

6mm for SALE now with some pics

I have a fairly huge amount of 6mm that I have decided to sell off.
I never use it and it seems silly it just sat unused.
Napoleonics and Ancients.
Some painted very nicely.
A huge ammount unpainted.
A few buildings also, la hay saint, Hougumont.
I will be open to offers before it all goes on ebay.
Contact me for more details.
Here are some pics as promised.
The drawer units are not included.
There are 100's of figures.

Ancients and Naps

Lots of Naps

British Infantry

French Infantry

French Guard

French Command and Artillery

Old Boney himself

French Cavalry

British Arty and command

Close as I can get with the camera

Huge amount of ancients, Persians, Celts, Macedonians

More Ancients
Two drawer units full of Naps, Units not included.


  1. Sounds interesting, what make are the napoleonics?


  2. They are all H&R.
    The finished Naps are for GdB, French in 36's (6 bases)
    Brits in 30's or 40's.
    I'll try and take some pics.


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