Monday, 19 August 2013

WotR prepping

Sorry for lack of painted stuff recently.
I have been busy constructing more War of the Roses 28mm.
I have also done a bit of work on my 20mm Romans and the 28mm FiW for AW Miniatures.
Not gamed either for the last two weeks due to Holidays, Kids and general summer madness.
I have enjoyed reading my new set of books though.
"Hail Caesar" rulebook, Early and Late army lists books and the new Britannia supplement.
I have also added the Albion Triumphant part two book to my BP collection (Loki has part one, so we have them covered).
We are Gaming this week if all gets back to normal and will be our first bash at "Black Powder" ACW.
We're going to give the scenario from the book a try out, I'll let you know how we get on.


  1. stop messing about and get some work done

  2. no pictures then it did not happen :)
    Peace James

  3. Still trying to get a charger for the camera James.
    Bought one and it's not arrived yet.
    Old Sony camera is being a git at the moment.

  4. Kev, I got an advance copy of Conn Igguldens new book about wars of the roses, excellent read, wanna lend?


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