Thursday, 22 August 2013

28mm AW Miniatures "French Indian War" Rangers.

I decided to get these out of the way while I was waiting for my Foundry flesh to pop through my letterbox.
These three complete the seven man Rangers party from the AW Miniatures box set.
I painted these as the famous Rogers Rangers, it just had to be done as I had "Northwest Passage" on the TV at the time.
Nothing like a bit of Hollywood derring do with Spencer Tracy.
I've not decided what to do with the other seven rangers in the box, the indians will be simple enough, but the other Rangers group, mmmmm.
Maybe a unit of His Majesty's Independent company of Rangers.
Dark Blue uniform with Light Blue facings and cuffs, that would be a little different than painting another seven in green.
Thoughts please...

The final three from the party

Another view

The Full seven man Party

Mean looking lil buggers aint they.

As Requested earlier, a size comparison with Redoubt.
A few posts back, a fellow blogger wanted to see the size comparison with the Redoubt FiW range.
Here we have it and I think they match pretty well.
I do prefer the AW Miniatures though and will be replacing my Redoubt with them in the future.

Compare the figure .com a pretty good match I think.


  1. Nice looking miniatures. Well done.

  2. Very nice work, love the green colors...

  3. Very nice work mate, james gave me 8 of these to paint, is that Foundry forest freen? Wanna copy your colours cos they look excellent. Cheers

    1. Thanks Mike.
      Yep it is Foundry Forest Green.

  4. looking great saw some of these in the flesh as WIP great to see them completed
    Peace James

  5. Thankyou Guys.
    These really are wonderful figures to paint.

  6. Lovely work on these, Kev. Well done!


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