Friday, 23 August 2013

Black Powder American Civil War, Mmmmmmmmmmmm

Thursday Evening.
22nd August 2013.
My Games Room.
Our first foray at BP, ACW.
Once again played using the 50% playsheet.
We had a weird sort of game, we played the Hangmans Creek Scenario from the main BP rulebook.
What cannot be denied is the fact we had fun.
One thing we all agreed upon is the fact that as a basic game, it does not work for ACW.
Ooooo, why is that may you ask.
Black Powder as a basic toolkit is great, but it does need the tweaks the supplements give it to become a period specific rules set with a feel for the period.
The SYW supplement does this, as does the Napoleonics supplement.
The ACW period really is lacking without the tweaks a supplement would give it..
I know a supplement is in the making and I myself can't wait for its release.
Last night saw myself and Karl with the Yanks and Andy and Glenn with the Rebs.
The game played for 12 turns.
The Rebs got a damn good kicking and lost badly, BUT.
It wasn't the Yanks great generalship or the shooting.
It was't even the melees.
It was the TEN (yes thats 10) Blunders the Rebs rolled. Andy with six and Glenn with four.
Ten blunders out of 12 turns is quite a feat guys.
Hence at the end of the game and with a broken brigade (Glenns)  and two on the verge of colapse, the Rebs conceded and retired from the field.
All three objectives were still firmly in the hands of the defending Yanks.
I enjoyed the game, just to see their faces as yet another Blunder appeared.
A few pics of the game.

The Table before the troops appear

Hangmans Creek

Yankee Camp on the left

Coffee time in the camp

The Rebs making no headway against the Yankee defence

On of the few Melee's and Glenn's Rebs blew it

Another Blunder for Andy as his troops fall back yet again

Glenn's Broken Brigade Retires

Andy on the back foot as Karl advances, Game over.
I did enjoy the game, although it didn't really have a feel of an ACW game.
I think I will play around with the tweaks until the supplement comes out and see what I can come up with.
I do have some pointers from Trev as to what to adjust.
Next weekend, myself and Andy will be at the seaside playtesting the Bloggers for charity game.
Watch this space.


  1. Sounds like the reb's were under the command of Braxton Bragg!

    I like BP for it's simplicity (I use it at convention games because it's very easy to teach) but agree that it requires a lot of tweaks to give a good ACW feel.

    One simple thing I do for ACW BP is reduce the movement rates by 2/3rds to reflect the longer ranges of the guns.

  2. Great looking game but what a blunder fest
    Peace James

  3. Fun was had at your opponents expense I did not see myself or Glenn Laughing at all in fact I am sure we were close to tears. Never have I seen such bad dice rolled in one game the Rebs didn't even get halfway across the bloody table.


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