Thursday, 5 February 2015

I'm back, I can see now and my Pain in the neck (no! not Loki) is a lot better.

Sorry for the lack of activity recently folks.
But after my Christmas break, I had a bit of a spondy flare up.
I aint going to explain Spondylosis (google it)
But suffice to say, it hurts like a bitch and screws with my eyesight.
Blurred vision at distance and double vision up close.
Even with the optivisor, painting or sculpting is like trying to avoid a minefield of Lego blocks, barefoot and in the dark.
I had to rest, hence the lack of activity on here and and the odd misspelt blah blah blah on Facebook.
I have been gaming though and the guys have put up with my scowling at the playsheet and rulebooks as I rolled dice and could not see the results ( as if it made any difference).

I feel better now.
Eased myself back into the swing of things.
Now I am playing the proverbial catchup again.
I am basically 6 weeks behind.
I have paint and sculpt work to put to the front as other work is now snapping at my arse.
Oh feckin joys.
I will get there.

I have painted a unit of WSS French Guards (Check the Brigantes Blog).
They are on Ebay and at 28mm they are of no use to my gaming now.
I painted these as my neck and eyes are better.
But I wanted to make sure before I made a mess of somebody's figures.
I have been back on the Greenstuff the last couple of days and the Optivisor is great again.

Myself and Andy tarted up our Desert Terrain today instead of our usual gaming session.
Regular gaming buddy Glenn will be away from gaming for a while after an argument with the road surface after coming off his scoot and our newest regular Ian (of The Blog with No Name) fame had to work till late.

We now have some rather nice arid looking terrain to fight over.
I may get a chance to use the Crusader forces at last.

A few final things.
Get WELL soon Glenn.
Don't work to hard Ian.
Big thanks to Loki for his terrain expertise.

SARACENS & please...


  1. Goof to hear you're on the mend! Are you suggesting Loki is still a pain, but further "South" so to speak?

  2. Bloody Hell !!
    Only you could read that, like that Millsy.
    Cheers though..

    1. Nah, I read it like that as well!! ;)

      Glad to hear you're better Kevin, and getting back into the swing of thing :)

  3. Glad to hear your better! I'm sure you'll catch up.

  4. Glad you're back in action. If you get this condition fairly regularly, try putting your wallet in another pocket. . . . . Just sayin'


    1. I bleedin wish Gary.
      maybe if i could put something in my wallet.

  5. Spondylosis - I feel for you. Been partners with that since 1984. Feel better.(smile)

    1. The pain i can deal with.
      i live with that beastie all the time
      but when it screws with my eyes.
      its a nasty condition Dixie

  6. I am so far south I whistle dixie in my sleep

  7. It was a shame to miss you with the weather interruption, I will try again. Glad your on the up matey..

  8. I’m sorry to hear about the pain you’ve been through. It is quite annoying when one’s pain leads to another. But it’s nice that you are now feeling a lot better, and that you’re able to play again. Thanks for sharing this with us. All the best!

    Agnes Lawson @ Pain Relief Experts

  9. It's been a few months now since this post. How’s everything going? I hope that your neck pain is okay now, and that’s the last time you had to experience like that. Take care, Kevin!

    Derek Sparks @ Forgey Chiropractic


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