Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Our Wargames Table is up for Grabs

Over the last few years, many people have commented on how lovely our table looks.
Most of the terrain was made by Andy when he ran Terra Firma Studios.
Alas Terra Firma is no more as Andy had to stop making terrain due to his health.
We then formed Brigantes Studio and that is our new direction.
Well !
We are replacing our gaming table again.
We will soon be purchasing a ready made commercial system thats suits our needs better, but first we need to make room and add some funds to the pot.
Hence the lot is for sale.
I thought I would list it on here first to see if anyone is interested before I ebay the lot.

There are all the terrain boards, Modular with hills on 3 and some roads and a coastal set.
Makes an 8 x 5 table, could push to 8 x 6 with the smaller boards.
Most boards are 2 x 2, with some 2 x 1 and many 1 x 1.
Corner boards to add elevation and create large ridges on the table.
5 stand alone hills.
Loads of Flexible roads (about 3 sets) maybe more.
Ploughed Fields, Some Flexible.
Loads of Corn fields.
Loads of Part harvested corn fields.
A Flexible Rough Ground set.
Wood Bases, (we are keeping the Summer Trees but the autumn trees are included).
Field works.
Walled enclosures.
3 River systems (Large lot).
Some 15mm Walls.
Also some custom made extras, Rocky outcrops, Marshland, Road cut etc.

Have a peruse though the blog if your interested as most of what you see will be included.
We are keeping the buildings, fencing, some walls and the hedegrows.

All in all a very nice lot and at a bargain price.
Everything you need, just add a few buildings.
It would have to be collected from me, but a nice cuppa would be waiting, lol.
Contact me if interested.


  1. Nearly had a heart attack when I tread the title.

    Anyways having seen the gear first hand someone will be a happy camper when they get that lot


  2. Well no response Ian.
    So looks like eBay it will be.
    Going to list it as one lot forst before i break it down


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