Monday, 2 September 2013

Holidays Over. Weekend in Morcambe & more Injuns than you can shake a scalp at.

The Holidays are done.
Phew !!! what a couple of weeks.
Kids are going back to school on wednesday, so it's back to the grindstone for all us mere mortals.
Had a fantastic weekend with the Brewerton Clan and Loki, in windy Morcambe.
We were testing the Bloggers for Charity game.
What rules to use?
How many figures?
What terrain we need Loki to make?
Bearing in mind that this lot will be auctioned off after to raise money for the chosen charities.
Myself, Loki, James and Paul were present and very well fed and looked after by Sandra B.
We managed to complete what we set out to do.
We picked the rules, the number of figures and decided on the table size and what we need.
We also managed a few games and it played bloody well too.
Have a glance at our escapade in Paul's lovely gaming loft.

Not giving to much info away, but!, The table will look a bit like this.

James and Loki, "why wont the CdB move"

Squaring up for the Injun fight

Even the best of plans go pear shaped.

It worked great...

We even managed a couple of games of Saga.
Showing Paul how the game works.
My Anglo Dane's repelled the Heathen Viking invaders once again, much to James cursing, damn AD Battleboard.

Paul then repeated the process by ousting the Heathens under Loki's personal command this time.

A brilliant weekend and fun had by all.
Looking forward to Derby (Donnington) now if I can make it after my sisters wedding.


  1. Nice games room!

    Glad to know the Salute game is building up!

  2. Salute, yikes, Triples hopefully, lol
    Cheers Mal, was a great weekend.

  3. Great week-end and love to repeat it sometime

  4. yes good weekend gaming and chatting
    Peace James


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