Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Horse Sculpts Part 1

Firstly, I would like to say a BIG hello to my new followers.
I hope you keep popping back to check out my ramblings and please leave comments.
I have recently acquired a small commission for a couple of Horse sculpts for a friend.
Mmmmm, been a while since I last sculpted a horse (about 15 years actually).
So, Green stuff at the ready I suppose.

Bit of planning was required as both horses will be used either together as a team or as a single animal pulling a small cart.
There are various different tack options, depending on wherabouts they are going to fit into a historical context.
I think a simplistic approach to the tack would be better although I could get these cast as light tack and re-sculpt in heavier tack.
I think the best route would be a medium tack that would work for all.

First up is the armatures.
I decided both horses would be in a slow steady walk.

Dolly's (armatures) completed.

I then started to bulk out the armatures with Greenstuff and leave now for a few days to fully harden.
I do need to trim back a little when I have done a final adjustment on the pose.

These are a couple of the wagons the horses will be used for.
These are from Martin at Warbases and they are very nice indeed. Hopefully they will be more types to follow.

This is the Pioneer's Cart
The wagons are easy to put together and very well designed.
Contact warbases (above link) if interested in purchasing some of these.

This is the Hay Cart
Either of these would have a use through quite a long period in history and would be great for baggage elements or scenic items.

Next Sculpt will be an Oxen for wagon pulling duties.


  1. Wow! Sulpting horses kudos sir! Always fancied trying to sculpt a mini i imagine horses are a tricky bunch. Will watch this with interest you should make your own miniature range kev i could easily see your own 7yw range ;)

    1. Cheers Mal.
      Never had the time buddy, maybe a few years back, but I never got round to it.
      Just enjoy it sometimes, not done any for ages though except for a few conversions at 54mm.

  2. Oh green stuff and coat hangers :)

  3. Great looking pionner's cart, I like it!


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