Thursday, 17 October 2013

Horse Sculpts part 2

I have done a bit more on the horse sculpts.
These are still rough and need finishing.
I have changed the pose a little on the second horse.
These will be heavy animals for pulling wagons or equipment.

It has been some time since I did any horse sculpts and this is quite a challenge for me.
I am enjoying it though and it's starting to all come back to me now.

The oxen to follow these will be a real challenge as it is something I have never even seen before, let alone sculpted.

I have changed the front right leg pose, to add a bit of variation to the other horse.
Any comments or advice would be welcome.

Myself and Andy (LOKI) are delving into a little "Hail Caesar" this evening.
Battle report to follow.


  1. Looks excellent. What a great skill you have.

    1. Thanks Kiwi.
      The heads will be a challenge as I always struggled with the heads looking more like donkeys, lol

  2. Love it! You're very talented!


  3. Thank Peter.
    Been a while since i greened a horse. Oo
    Getting there now I think


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