Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Horse Sculpts part 3

The Horses are getting near completion.
All the main bulking out is done and the heads and manes attached.
Just the eyes and the tails and they will be ready for the base to be added.
There may be the odd bit of filling to finish them.

These are Heavy Horse.
Think of Shires or Clydesdales cross breeds.
They would be used for heavy wagons or agricultural equipment.
They could also be used for pulling heavy artillery from many periods and make great mounts for Medieval Heavy Cavalry.

May have to add some teeth to this one.

I think they have turned out ok, but I really do need more practice and they do look better in the flesh.
Hopefully these will be cast and I can have some copies to pop some tack onto.


  1. Those look FANTASTIC for heavy horses. If you ever want to quit your 'day job' you could make it as a professional figure sculptor I bet.

  2. Wow. Those really look good. Nice work on sculpting them.

  3. Nice work, that is very well done.

  4. Truly excellent work, I can't wait to see them on Sunday!

    1. Thanks Martin.
      I have just finished the bases.
      I'll probably post on here tomorrow when they are set and I have trimmed the bases to size.

  5. Many thanks for the kind comments guys.

  6. Fabulous! Well done Kev, I love them.


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