Thursday, 3 October 2013

My new Mini Hillfort for "Hail Caesar"

I recently picked up a copy of the "Britannia" supplement for "HC".
A good review of the book can be found.Here on Loki's Great Hall.
Andy's review really does sum up the book although one useful entry in the book is the rules for using Hillforts in your games.
"HC" is quite an abstract game and I suppose the rules for a Hillfort would be the same, correct.
The Hillfort in a game falls under the general game rules for buildings, mmmmm, very abstract.
They will have to be small, more a representation of a fort instead of a scale model, still quite abstract.
Don't get me wrong, I would love a scale model of Maiden castle, but it's just not going to fit on my 6x5 table.
The rules state that a fort can contain a standard sized unit (Warband) and a small unit of Slingers.
These are used as the forts garrison.
So I decided it was time to build a mini Hillfort for our "HC" games.
It needed to be big enough to hold a warband and small unit.
Small enough to fit on the table without dominating it.
It also had to look like a Hillfort.
I came up with this.

It does hold a warband and a small unit.

It is small enough to fit on my table without dominating it.

It does look like a Hillfort (I think so)..

I built this last week and finished it yesterday. (sorry Charlie).
Built with the usual methods of polystyrene covered in grit and a stick palisade.
Finished with the usual static grass, and a few embellishments like heads on stakes and sentries spear and shield.
Their is also a warning Horn on the gate cover.
The base is 12" to give it some sort of scale and is for my 1/72 Roman/Celts collection.
There are pics on FB as I was building it.



  1. I look forward to using this in a game

  2. Definitely looks like a Hillfort. Well done.

  3. Very nice, just needs filling with yelling tribesmen.

  4. Nice looking Fort. The Siege rules from the Dacian Wars HC supplement are fun - hopefully its the same for the Hill Forts

  5. Great work Kev, looks very much like a hill fort to me I am sure you and Andy will be fighting over it for years to come

  6. Great looking fort. I keep on forgetting that you guys are doing this project in 1/72. I'll look for you on facebook.


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