Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Challenge 1st Entry, 1/72 (20mm) Crusader Transport or Baggage.

I am at last off the mark with my first entry for the challenge.
With the first bonus round being Non Coms, it seemed logical to start with the Crusader baggage train.
All figures are 1/72 Strelets and are really lovely.
Ok, I know they wont win and prizes for anatomy, but they are just so sweet.
Some great little touches like the portly Monk on a donkey and the child on his dads shoulders, really make these sets a pleasure to work on.

These are painted to a new style I am trying out for the 1/72 HC stuff I am currently working on.
This is a very simple one colour over a black primer.
But not Blocking.
I leave the shadows on the figures, black.
I even over exaggerate it in some areas to create the illusion of depth.
It's is also a great style that suits my failing eyesight.

Now! I do know that they are not my usual standard and I would only consider this for my own collection.
After all they are for me to game with.

This little lot earned me 128 points and got me off the mark.


  1. A great start bud and like you say great for us with failing eyesight.

  2. Very nice work and I'm certain they'll add lots of flavour to your forthcoming crusade games.

  3. I enjoyed this entry. I now really want to get thu
    is set.


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