Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The Challenge is a GO

The 4th Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge has started.
The Madness has begun.
Everybody is scrambling like mad to paint and post.
I myself have many things that I would like to achieve during the challenge.
First up, is to complete the WotR for Peter.
I would also like to paint the 20mm Viking army I am getting for Christmas.
I need to paint up a load of 15mm commanders for my newly purchased 15mm ECW collection.
Then I have the Crusaders and Saracens to work on plus new painting comms.

I have started on some Crusader non coms for the bonus round.
I an trying out a new style for the Crusaders that will allow me to paint the armies fairly quickly.
This will be a single colour over a black undercoat.
Instead of a straight block though, I will be just painting the high's on the figure and leaving the black to add depth and contrast.
They don't look to great close up, but at gaming distance, they look fine to me and I will be happy to game with them.

Some of the Crusader Civilians.

I have also started another WotR bow unit.
This time it's the retinue Bow for Exeter's contingent.
Flesh and armour completed and a base coat on the clothing.

WotR Duke of Exeter, retinue bows.
 I am looking forward to my Christmas Vikings as my Saxons are getting a bit lonely, haha.
Andy is also itching to get at them with the pagan horde.
Well! I had better get back to some painting as Andy ants to beat me this year and at the rate he is going, he will.


  1. Nice to see you off and running buddy, is it Chrimbo yet!! do you want me to break in de sprue and prime the Vikings and carefully repackage :)

  2. Plenty to be going at then. Looking forward to the new style


  3. nice to see you start, will look forward to seeing all you produce

  4. Sounds like your'e gonna be a busy boy! Who are the 20mm Vikings from?

  5. Lots to do but underway.

  6. Thanks everyone.
    A positive start I think.

  7. All figures very excellent WIP stuff. I'm looking forward to see the finished ones.


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