Monday, 2 December 2013

Thursdays Gaming Night, SYW, "The Prussians at the Gates"

Just a quick post about last Thursday's Gaming Session.
With Karl having a break due to illness and Glenn busy with work, it was left to myself and Andy to roll a few dice.
We decided on another "Black Powder" SYW foray.
Once again, I blindly led the Russians against the might of Fredrick's Prussians.
This time we fought a meeting engagement as the low command values of the Russians make them difficult to get moving.
The lines advanced slowly and when in position, let rip with volley after volley at each other.

The Russians prepare to Advance

Let see if they start moving

Russian Cavalry on the left flank

The Prussians arrayed for battle

The lines meet
The Lines in the centre meet and all hell breaks loose.
Casualties are high on both sides as the volleyed each other, but no one gives ground.

Back and forth the line go
The Prussians push the Russian centre, but it holds its ground.
Artillery on both sides takes a terrible toll.
A Russian push with the cavalry on the left forces the Prussians to divert their reserve brigade to counter the threat.
The Russian infantry on the right flank, advance steadily towards the Prussian heavy cavalry.
Volley fire disorders the Prussian Cuirassiers, who cannot get out of the way of repeated steady volleys.
The Disordered Cuirassiers are destroyed and break as the Russian Right flank advances.

Decisive action on the right flank.
With the Cuirassiers gone, the two remaining Prussian Dragoons fall back before the advancing Russian Right.
The Russian foray on the left had failed but did manage to keep the Prussian reserve occupied.
With the Right flank lost to the advancing Fresh Russian Infantry and Heavy Cavalry Brigades.
The Left flank tied up with the remainder of the Russian Dragoons and Hussars pressuring the Prussian Reserve.
The Centre for both was weakened, but the Prussians now lacking the punch to break through the steady Russian defence.
Andy now called it as he would have to make a fighting retreat with the remainder of the army.
No heroic final charges here, Andy played in the true spirit of the period and did what any commander would do when he knew the army was licked.
He retreated to fight another day, and they will be another day.
Superb little game.
"Black powder is great for this period, the linear tactics of the day can shine with this rule set, when played in the right spirit of course.
We had the lot, Good and Bad dice rolls (my morale saves were shocking in the early game).
Tactically, the game plays brilliantly.
Oh!, this is also a first win for the Russians.
Although the Idiot, Leadership (6) CinC had nothing to do with it.

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