Sunday, 5 January 2014

Challenge Updates, 2014, A New Year of Gaming & Loki beat me to the 1K.

I hope everyone had a wicked Christmas and New Year.
The break is over and it is back to the grindstone of the painting table.
Considering that my Mrs banned me from the paint table over the holidays, I did manage to sneak a bit of time here and there.
I am currently in 3rd spot again in the challenge.
My good buddy and nemesis Andy (Loki) beat me to the 1K  race.
So I can expect a year of ribbing and piss taking, although he still has to beat me in the overall challenge.
I am hoping that 2014 will be a new milestone in my gaming, with new projects and era's to spice up what was becoming a little tedius over the last few years.
Moving to Hail Caesar and Black powder has really opened the gaming up again for me.
I finally came to realise that I had spent many years catering for people that did not really share my love for gaming.
Due to this, gaming became more of a chore than an enjoyable evening.
I decided enough was enough and spoke to Andy about a new direction and he was as passionate about this as I was.
Glenn has also followed us and this just leaves Karl to make the effort.
I myself like Andy, have had a year of health issues, although not as bad as Andy.
I have days when I feel fine and days when I cannot move.
This has impacted on my output and the time I can paint.
I am also sculpting more again.
I am on new Meds that are playing havok with me at the moment, but at least I can get to paint a bit more.
A good start to the new year I think.
My aims for the next few weeks are to finish the WotR, complete the Vikings for gaming and maybe get the Crusaders done.
I will not be taking on any more large Commissions.
This year will be for me and my gaming.

Challenge entries for the Christmas period.

Henry Holland, Duke of Exeter's Retinue Bowmen.
All 28mm Perry's.

Two Commands for my recently purchased 15mm ECW armies.
The two armies were originally based for DBR.
They have been re-based for Pike & Shotte, but lacked Battallia commands.
More to come.

Charles I CinC and a cavalry command stand for the Royalists.

Crusaders Military Orders.
Hospitaller Order for HC with a unit of Mounted Knights, Foot Knights and a Sub unit of both Archers and Crossbows.

Templar Order for HC with a unit of Mounted Knights, Foot Knights and a Sub unit of both Archers and Crossbows.
Both sets are mostly Strelets with the odd Italeri, all 1/72 (20mm)

A decent start to the challenge with a lot more to come.


  1. That's your output when you have been limited?????????

    HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)


    1. Pmsl.
      Cheers Ian.
      Wait till I really get going. Lol

    2. Now you Know why I went so friggin hard and fast Ian

  2. Great work as always LOSER!!!!! sorry bud had to get an early one in :)

    I am looking forward to the year ahead mate we will be rolling dice in many periods and they will be ready to go at the end of the challenge if we stick to our plans.

    1. You couldn't resist that could you, lol.
      The Vikings are coming along lovely and still well on target for the gaming schedule.

  3. Kev, that is what you consider "a decent start?" My God man, that is a terrific start!

  4. Thats only a few things painted, gosh I got only two vehicles done over Christmas not two armies.

  5. I think a swift kick in the crackers will sort Loki out, well it will for around 10 minutes anyway, so it should be worth it??? Love the figures especially the 20mm stuff, top work Sir!

  6. I still shake my head when I see those crusader armies. And to think that was "limited" output!

  7. Cheers Guys.
    It was slow start for me, Except for my little sneak to my table sessions, I didn't paint that much over the holidays.
    Time to make up for it now though.
    I seem to be able to paint 20mm a lot faster than 28mm.
    I think it is the style I use for 20's that makes the difference.

  8. Impressive output with all things considered Kev! Really like the WotR archers.

  9. That's a wonderful start!!

  10. Let'e hope it will be a great year for you and the others!

  11. What a great amount on painted figures! If I'm lucky I can paint this number of figures in one year!
    PS: The knights are my favorites!



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