Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Challenge Updates, The Vikings are here.

The Vikings are here, my Chrissy pressie from the Mrs are complete and ready to go.
All figures are 1/72 plastic and a mix of Strelets, Zvezda and Revell.

The Bonus round this time was Villains.
I though long and hard about this and decided on Saladin.
Although a chivalrous sort, he was the scourge of Christendom during the Crusades and he seemed a fitting Villain for the bonus round.

I was in 1st spot in the Challenge for a day, my moment of glory, lol.
I made the most of it as I doubt it will happen again.


  1. Vikings are terrific but my eye is drawn towards your Saladin command stand. Exquisite!

  2. That's a damn fine bit of work there Kev!

  3. Nice looking Vikings and that Saladin entry was top notch :)

  4. Great looking Vikings, beautiful colors, and the vignette with Saladin is wonderful!

  5. That is a fantastic painted Viking army! Very colourfull! Also that Saladin stand is wonderfull!


  6. eh what rules do you use im about to paint some vikings i got some from zvezda and others from a boardgame of age of mithology and i want to put them in some action

  7. any info will be appreciated :D


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