Thursday, 13 February 2014

Richard the Lionheart, Bonus Round Entry.

The latest bonus round was a Hero or Heroic Group.
I had submitted Saladin as the Villain in the Villains round and it seemed fitting to stay with the Crusader theme.
So I thought Richard 1st (The Lionheart).
Now we all know that Richard was mot really a very nice person, but who was back in those days.
What we all can be sure of, is the fact he was a very brave man, a real hero to his men and to his Christian cause.
I had already painted a Richard before the challenge started.
But he had no crown, just a gold band around the top of his great helm.
I decided to paint another, this time with crown and retinue.

Here he is in all his glory, accompanied by his trusty retinue of a Templar and Hospitaller Knight.

Figures are 1/72 plastics and are a mix of Strelets and Italeri.
Still painted in the high contrast paint scheme I have used on the whole Crusades collection.

A worthy opponent for Saladin and the Saracen hordes.


  1. Nice work on this group Kev :)

  2. I have really enjoyed your crusader entries in the challenge, nice work!
    Richard looks large and in charge!...pun intended! :)

  3. Kev
    Loving your saracens in the Challenge. IMHO, you could easily call Saladin the hero and Richard the villain. Have you read "the Crusades Through Arab Eyes"? It will really turn your perspective.

    1. It really could Peter, Saladin was easily the more humane.
      Richard was a bit of a git really.

  4. Nice brushwork and great looking command stand!

  5. Very nice group - lovely painting.

  6. That is a fantastic looking stand Kev!

  7. Thanks for your kind comments everyone


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