Tuesday, 4 February 2014

My Latest Challenge Entries.

Here we go again.
My latest entries for the the challenge.
They can be viewed Here  on the Challenge website.
I'm still sitting in 3rd spot, tbh, trying to catch Andy and Kent seems an impossible task at the moment.
I can but try, haha...
I have not been as busy at the table the last few days, family stuff to deal with, ie
my 75 year old mother has decided to move homes again.
Anybody who reads my blog will remember that she did this exactly a year ago.
It was a bloody nightmare then and probably will be again.
Anyways, here are the latest challenge paint jobs.

1/72 Saracen Light Infantry Bowmen

1/72 Crusader Divisional Commander

1/72 Crusader Knights

28mm Perry's Mounted MAA, Duke of Exeter's Retinue

28mm Perry's Dismounted MAA, Earl of Oxfords Retinue


  1. Gorgeous! Love the crusader Knights and commander...

  2. Your crusaders are simply superb.

  3. Great work Kev. Love the command stand!!
    My Mum once moved 3 times in 2 weeks. I was killed her and some sod pinched her TV out the back of the van while I was moving her!!! So I didn't!!

  4. Lovely work there Kev, great eye candy

  5. Thanks everyone.
    Really enjoying the Crusades.
    It it such a diverse period in history and the Armies are just superb to play around with.


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