Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Loki's Giveaway and Even more Challenge entries.

Here we go again.
My Good buddy Loki is having a rather great prize giveaway on his blog and a bit more of my Challenge Madness.
The Giveaway can be found Here Please enter and win great stuff
My recent challenge entries can be seen on the Analogue Hobbies Blog Here
Sorry for the quick post, phew! such a busy life.

A few pics from my recent 200pt'er.

Exeter's Men at Arms

Lord Montagu and Personal Retinue.

and again

Mamluk Heavy Infantry with Spear and Bow.

For Curt.

Crusader Turcopole's


  1. Beautiful Exeter's men at arms!

  2. You've done a great job on the blackened armour for Essex's guys

  3. That's a great looking bunch of figures Kev!

  4. Thanks everybody, another mix coming up shortly, lol.
    So much on the go


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