Friday, 11 July 2014

Thursday Gaming, "The Bridge" Bolt Action British Paratrooper Objective...

Straight back from Hols and ready for some dice rolling and Figure shoving.
Andy was busy last evening and couldn't make the game, so myself and Glenn decided to have another run out with Bolt Action.

I had seen a few games recently on the BA Facebook page and thought we could have a go at something similar.

With the thought of the Para's at Pegasus Bridge in mind, I set the table and came up with a typical scenario.
Take and Hold the Bridge, simple's.

The Bridge was fairly well defended with two MMG's covering the Bridge and a medium mortar providing support.
The Germans had the chance of re-enforcements and the chance to Blow the bridge if things went a bit tit's up.

Things never go according to plan.

All is peaceful as the unaware Germans go about their daily routine

The Bridge is well defended if an attack should happen.

Two Sentries go about their usual mundane tasks.
One heads out from the farm as another heads towards him from the

The Para's arrive and advance, undetected on the bridge.
German sentries fail to spot and movement as the Para's
get in to position. 

Still oblivious to the presence of the enemy, the lone sentry goes his way.
It is now Dawn , the light is still dim as the morning mist starts to lift.
The sentry from the farm fails to spot a squad of Para's cross the road
ahead of him.

The Late arrival of the last Glider (the rest were off the table) manages to
land unseen and the Para's dis-embark and get into position on the
left flank of the Bridge defences.
The sentry from the bridge is mugged silently just before he turns
the corner to meet his buddy from the farm.
No shots have been fired, the Germans are still oblivious to the
presence of the British.

A flank charge from the Glider Para's screams into the Bridge  defences.
The Mortar team is taken out silently.
The MMG team in the next trench fail to spot them again.
The Para's sneak in to position to assault the Bridge.

The MMG team is also assaulted and yet still no shots are fired.
The MMG team falls under the Para's quick assault.
This time though, the Para's luck runs out.
A sentry at the road block spots them and opens fire.
The Para's fail to go down and suffer as two SMG's open up on them.
Shots have been fired and the German defenders are now aware of the

Their are Two sets of explosives on the bridge (sandbags).
The Para's have to disarm these (5+ required on a D6)
Para's that had positioned themselves in the wood to the right of the
roadblock house now charged and despatched the hapless defenders.
The Para's now controlled this end of the bridge and the rest of
the squads now moved forward to assault the Village.
The Germans now fully aware of what was happening, called
for re-enforcements, They will arrive in 3 turns.
Glenn now activated his Partizans, who headed through the wood to
ambush the soon to arrive re-enforcements.  

The German squad from the Farm now met up with their sentry and headed
towards the bridge.
They spotted the Glider and the Para's deployed Mortars.
Opening fire they took out the Medium Mortar, forcing the light Mortar to
run for cover.
Para's attempting to rush the Bridge are cut down by the MMG on the
village side.
Para's returning fire, take out the MMG team as the German squad from
the village appears and open fire on the few remaining Para's trying
to disarm the explosives.
The Germans fail 3 attempts to blow the bridge.

The firefight on the bridge is intense.
The Para HQ unit is wiped out as the Para 2nd squad arrives to aid them
disarm the explosives.
The German squad from the village charge the Para's in a vain attempt
to stop them.
They are cut down in the melee (no match for the well trained Para's).
The Disarm attempt fails again and the Germans fail with two
attempts to blow the damn bridge.

The Para's on the bridge manage to disarm one of the two explosives.
With one explosive still on the bridge, the Germans can still blow it.
But two more failed attempts aid the Para's who now concentrate on
disarming the last of the explosives.
The partizans ambush the re-enforcements, pinning the truck.
The occupants manage to dis-embark and engage the Partizans.
The Partizans suffer heavy casualties but hold the needed
German troops in place.
The German squad from the farmhouse are pinned by the Para's that
are now dug in the bridge defences that were once held by the bridge

Para's cross the bridge to secure the village.
The German high command are still waiting for the re-enforcements
that are now in a firefight with the Partizans.
They are the only German troops in the village.
With the German squad from the farmhouse pinned and unable to
Two more attempts to blow the bridge are failed, as is the Para's
attempt to disarm the last explosives.

A second Para squad crosses the bridge as a final attempt to blow the
bridge is again, Failed by the German command.
By now the German HQ can hear the advancing Para's on the village main
Gunfire at the opposite end of the village tells them that the re-enforcements
are not going to arrive in time.
The squad from the farmhouse is still pinned and unable to move. The
squad fighting the Partizans manages to get the Partizans to fall back.
But it is all to little to late.
The Para's on the bridge finally disarm the explosives.
The Bridge is intact.
The term "Hold until Relieved" springs to mind.
The Para's have taken the bridge and control both sides.
Game over.....

A Great win for Glenn with the British Para's.
Good use of stealth and fast assaults, Oh!, and the Partizans, deffo won him the game.
The Germans just could not get the message through to blow the damn bridge.
Although it did take Glenn ages to disarm the damn explosives (and didn't I know it)
This was our second outing with "Bolt Action".
As a Squad based game, it works great.
It is a lot of fun to play, even though we got it wrong on a few occasions, we are still learning.
Big Thanks to Glenn for playing in the spirit of the game and been very British (up the Ox and Bucks)


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Rodger, Really enjoyed it, Glenn too.

  2. Im gonna have to paint my fallschirmjager

    1. Might be a good idea bud.
      Mine are still half finished in a box.

  3. Great table, looks like a blast. Last words of the sentry "Oh look, a butterfly!"

    1. Cheers Monty.
      Very much the sentry's last words

  4. Great game there chaps and good looking too.


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