Thursday, 19 November 2015

I'm Back and back in to the Groove (a little)

Well folks, it's been a while.
Sorry for the silence, but my head has been in a pretty crap place.
As most of you know, I have had some serious problems with my hands and arms.
An ongoing medical investigation has turned up many new and old problems.
But not to bore you all stupid with all that, I will suffice to say that things are moving forward.
A mix of trapped nerves and Moderate to severe Arthritis is probably the cause.
The surgeon wont operate as it's a real mess in there so it's medication, rests and arm splints ahead.

I'm back at my bench and working reduced hours with help from some very nice pain killers.
My dexterity is still very much reduced and the feeling is not all there yet, but I'm carrying on.

My lack of working hasn't stopped my gaming needs though.
I still game most weeks and plenty of my exploits have been on facebook.

I have not been completely idle either.
I have re-based many armies (that I could manage), re-organised storage, and generally just messed with my current collections.
I started to Play Commands & Colours Ancients and really enjoy that.
I have also been messing with the rulesets etc.
Andy has kept Brigantes up and running and I thank him dearly for that.
Hopefully I will now be more active on here.
As this is my personal blog, it will be only my stuff on here.
Tonight is just myself and Ian.
We are playing C&C Ancients.
I'll take a few pics.
Thank you for listening


  1. Hey Kev i know where your coming from ive been off work 2 months with similar issues in my back which is affecting my leg. Not fun. Arms would be worse as no painting!!! - i really feel for ya.

  2. Welcome back. I hope things will be on the mend soon.

  3. Groovy. Onwards and upwards. cheers from here

  4. Huge Thanks to you all for the WB.
    I have sooooo missed this.


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