Thursday, 7 January 2016

Happy New Year Everyone

2016 is upon us.
Brigantes Studio is extremely busy.
So much so that if I get time to do anything else it will be a miracle.
But you never know.
I see the Analogue Challenge is at full swing and good luck to all.
I painted a few Persian elements over crimbo.
For C&C Ancients really but they will also work for HC.
I also have a new Facebook page for 1/72 Gaming, panting etc.
Please check it out.

I'm back on the brushes and Greenstuff and still having treatment for my hands.
But all is good at the moment, lets hope it stays that way.


  1. HNY to you too Kev. Let's hope 2016 is better for you than 2015 :)

    1. Thanks Tamsin.
      Can't get much worse, fingers sorta crossed lol

  2. All the best for 2016! Here's hoping for lots more photo-bombing from the two dogs :))

  3. Happy New Year Kev! I hope the hands keep improving!

  4. Happy new year Kev! Great to hear you're busy.


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