Friday 1 September 2017

To Blog or Not to Blog, that is the question

It's been a while since I last posted anything on here.
Tbh , since my work changed from painting to sculpting, I never seem to have any spare time for blogging.
I rarely paint anymore which is what this blog was originally for.
The Brigantes blog showcases my work stuff , as does facebook.
In fact I tend to use facebook more often than anything else.
I still game on a regular basis, but taking a few pics on my phone and posting them on facebook is far easier and quicker than the time spent on here.
Maybe I can just leave this as it is and maybe in the future get back to it at some point.
I know people still visit it by the number of page views it still gets.
When I get around to working on some of my own hobby projects, this blog may seem useful again.
Who knows.
Any bloggers thoughts would be good
till then


  1. I'd love to blog more myself, but like you just don't find the time. Just go with the flow!

  2. I hear you, Kev. Never enough hours in the day!

    I'm with Ray on this one - go with the flow and post as often as the mood takes you. If it becomes a chore, it stops being fun, which is diametrically opposed to the whole idea of a hobby!

  3. Best to just go wit the flow. I still use blogger and keep Facebook more family orientated

  4. Can you play world war z split screen? Left 4 Dead does it, so does World War Z support this format too? World War Z releases today on PS4.

  5. job today Posts, which become vacant, will be lost rather than jobs.


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