Sunday, 29 January 2012

New Painting, Viking Warlord for Saga

My First attempt at A Viking Warlord.
Plastic, from the Gripping Beast Hirdmen box set.
Just cant decide whether to paint the shield or use a decal and need to finish the base.

These are very easy to put together and I do like the GP plastics.
I also have some Wargames Factory Saxons, these I am not as keen on and will require a lot more work to assemble, the weapons are to thin and small.
I think I will mix and match with both the GBP and the WF.
I aim to create two warbands initially, Anglo Danes and Vikings.


  1. I have a box of these figures but not used them yet - nice looking figure

  2. Lovely looking model. The GB plastics are ideal

  3. Great work Kev, you will soon be ready to face my Saga Forces

  4. Cheers Guys. Well i'm not ready yet Andy, lol.
    But I must admit to lookin forward to facing your hordes and getting my butt kicked, haha.
    The best way to learn is from a master.
    I think I will concentrate on the AD first, although my 12 year old seems keen on playing aswell. No doubt he will be better at it than me.


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