Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Sundays Club Game, ACW.

Myself and Andy put on an ACW game at our local games club last Sunday the 20th May.
The Wargamers Free Company (FC) play every sunday evening at our new venue, the Beckton community centre.
The club is very well attended and run in a superb venue. Check out the Wargamers FC website for info on the games we play.
This week was ACW week.
Myself and Craig with the Yanks, Andy and Kelly with the Rebs.
Craig and Kelly are new to ACW, so the evening was a bit of a learning curve for them.
We Played the ever popular "Fire & Fury" and they both picked it up very quickly.
The game ended with a resounding win for the Union, with Andy's Rebs been totally destroyed and Kelly on the back pedal from and impending flank attack by 3 Union brigades.
A great game, enjoyed by all and played in a very lighthearted manner. With the usual fag and tea breaks, plenty of wargames banter, very good and very bad dice rolling, Warhammer on other tables and some spectators enjoying the games.
A damn fine evening all round.
A few pics of the nights fun.

Let Battle Commence

Casualties piling up, They should be in Grey though.

Craigs Division advances

Andy's Reb assault falters and is driven back

Kelly Rebs appear from the fields to assault Craigs  prepared battleline

Andy's Division casulaties, oops all of them....Sorry Andy

With the Rebs on the Yankee right beaten, attention turns to Kelly's flank.

Craig under pressure from Kelly as my Divisions apper on Kelly's flank, Game over.
Hope you enjoy the pics.
Tonights Home game is SYW.
Further playtesting of my new "Rise and Fall of Kings" SYW Variant.
Myself, Karl and Glen will be pitting the Russians against the British for a very non historical clash.

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