Thursday, 7 June 2012

Muskets & Tomahawks updates.

My German force is nearly complete.
Just the Mounted version of the Officer to paint.

Officer on foot with 8 Regular infantry & 6 Rifle armed Elite Jagers.

My American force is also nearly complete.
These did belong to Karl, he still had an AWI American army from years back when we gamed the period.
I painted these about 10 years ago for him, basic wargames standard.
After a bit of negotiating, a few of them came to me and are now my M&T American force.
A nice mix of Militia & Regulars with a light gun for some support.

I doubt if I will re-paint them, they seem fine for skirmish gaming.
I have converted a colour bearer into an Officer though (needed more officers)

Removed the Flag pole and gave him a FR musket, A bit of work with the Dremmel and ready to paint.


  1. Good looking officer, i would be interested to find out more about these rules. Is that a Saxon/viking warband i see behind the americans?!? ;D

  2. Check out the Studio Tomahawk website Max for into on Muskets & Tomahawks.
    The Saxons at the rear are the additional troops to make my Anglo Danes into Anglo Saxons for when I fancy playing another faction in Saga.
    I also have some Normans and my Lady has a Welsh warband.

  3. Looking forward to seeing them :)

  4. I just found your blog through Flintlock & Tomahawk, and must say I'm impressed. Your work looks phenomenal! I've been working on similar figures myself lately. Feel free to check them out over at


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