Thursday, 28 March 2013

War of the Roses Commanders.

Finally finished these, I had started them before the challenge.
I had a rethink on whether the commanders would be,  mounted or on foot.
I spoke to peter who left me to decide.
I decided that the elements that had mounted men at arms would have mounted nobles.
The same with the elements of men at arms on foot.
The noble would be with his retinue, after all.
First up.
Edward IV.

Followed by Henry Holland, Duke of Exeter.


  1. Looking good - are they Perry figures ?

  2. Thankyou, yes they are Perry's 28's

  3. Those are great bloody work Kev!

  4. Very nice Kev, love the gold armour!

  5. Cheers Guys.
    They look loads better in the flesh, I really do need to get a better camera.

  6. Gorgeous! I too love the gold armor. The banners are nice as well.

  7. I think I will add a bit of battle debris to the bases, that should finish them off nicely.

  8. great stuff love the banners just finish off an ace paint job
    Peace James


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