Saturday, 25 May 2013

Mission Station Mgwatu, 1879, Thursdays Zulu War Game.

Thursday evening (23rd May) just Myself and Karl this week.
We decided to give the "Black Powder" (Warlord Games) rule set another run out.
This time we tried the Colonial period, the Zulu War to be exact.
For a change I took command of the British forces whilst Karl tried out the Zulu's.
A simple scenario.
The British held a Mission station/hospital, a supply column en-route to the Mission, and a sh*t load of Zulu's.
The idea was, the supply column had 4 wagons that the mission needed.
The column was protected by Irregular cavalry.
The Brits in the Mission, (4 Co's of Foot and a Mounted Infantry C'o)
Oh! and a single gun, (7pdr).
The Zulu's had nine Impi's and two Skirmish units.
Suffice to say, that in traditional Hollywood style, the Brits held on, Just.
Some amazing dice rolling for the irregular cavalry saw them hold a complete Zulu brigade at bay for 6 turns.
Karl on the other hand could not get his Impi's to move when he needed to.
A few pics of the game..............

The Column trundles forward as the Zulu Left Horn appears

Most of the British fail to Stand To when the Impi's appear

The Right Horn is spotted by the Frontier Light Horse

The Wagons make a dash for the Mission as the full Zulu Force surge forward

The British prepare their defences

The Irregular cavalry dismount to protect the wagons 

The wagons safely reach the Mission as the Irregulars are now very exposed

Volley fire keeps the Impi's at bay, (for now anyways)

As British firepower wanes, the Zulu's make their charge that will eventually fail

With two of the Zulu brigades broken, the Brits manage a Huzzah as the Zulu's withdraw.


  1. good write up we plan to us BP for our Family Zulu games, will have to chat about how you find it next time we meet up

  2. Was gonna come a see this but as you know the course of my week didnt go to plan.


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