Tuesday, 28 May 2013

"Triples" Sheffield's Wargame's show. How was it?

Every year, as usual, I went to "Triples"
This year, once again at the English Institute of Sport I went to Triples.
I went with Andy, (Loki) and my lovely charlie.
I usually go on the Saturday, but this year due to a Blogger meeting for the Bloggers for Charity, I went on the Sunday.
It seemed quiet.
Now I don't know if this was due to it been a Sunday or the fact that it seems to be getting quieter every year.
I did enjoy the show, although a few of my faves were missing, Front Rank, Redoubt, GB.
The show didn't seem as big as usual.
It was nice to see Foundry back on the show circuit, they have been missed.
It's also good to see they are trying to sort out the mess they were left with by the people who were running it.
I for one said I would never deal with them again, but after assurances from the new staff, time will tell.
Friends who went on Saturday said the show was also quiet, are we nearing the end for the traditional show?
I think the internet and ebay may have made the shows less profitable for some, but I do know that some traders still had a very good show.
This has been debated for years all over the wargaming fraternity, lets wait and see.
I still enjoy the odd few shows per year that I attend.
What did I buy, mmmmmmmmmmmmm
Well I was pretty reserved this year.
I wasn't really wanting much, but I did succumb to the shiny objects "mustgottahaveoneof those" syndrome.
Charlie bought some LOTR statuettes from the B&B, a lovely Gandalf on Shaddowfax, Merry & Pippin at Isengard and a really nice Saruman with the palantir.
Myself....A box of Perry's new AWI plastic Brits.
Three Sheman M4's from the B&B.
A few scenic items like crates and barrels.
I also indulged in some of the awesome AW Miniatures FiW British and a few redskins.
Andy at AW did me a cracking deal on these and they are superb miniatures, check out the AW link on the right.
I spent some of the day at Warbases, chatting with Martin & Dianne who had a great show, I picked up my next supply of bases from them.
We met up with fellow bloggers, James and Mike, regarding the forthcoming Bloggers for Charity project.
Was great to meet James at last, great guy and to see Mike again after our last outing at the Saga tournament, another great guy.
I bumped into many of the regulars and was great to see them all again.
All in all, I enjoyed the show, so did Charlie.

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