Friday, 21 June 2013

28mm AW Miniatures, FIW British Infantry.

A few more FIW to add to my M&T collection.
This time some really scrumptious AW Miniatures.
The fit in really well with my Redoubt Rangers, although I have some AW Rangers to paint for Andrew so I may have to swap in the future as they are superb.
First up are a unit of 12 figures with a separate officer.
Not to my greatest standard as I want them for gaming and this was just a tester really to get used to the figure style.

Officer figure is really nice, I love the pose.
I pained gloves on this guy to make him stand out more.

The full company of 12 Infantrymen.
Typical 1750's uniform with Yellow facings to represent the 15th Foot (Amherst's)

Brown Marching leggings to add the more campaigned look.

I may do my second company as the 43rd.

These are really nice figures, they look great when painted.
Anybody wanting to do the French Indian War need look no further.
This growing range is superb and I highly recommend it.


  1. Great work Kev, love the officer

  2. Excellent painting. I have some of the AW miniaitures Indians and find they have quite a servicable range of figures developing.

  3. Damn fine painting Kev! Love the Officer!

  4. They are rather scrumptious. Top painting.

    If you get time, could you do a small size comparison shot with some of your other ranges of manufacturers please.

  5. Thanks for the comments, fellow Bloggers.
    I did enjoy these.


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