Monday, 24 June 2013

28mm Front Rank Westphalian Line Infantry.

With the final line battalion now complete, I am working my way through the single light battalion I still have to paint.
I must admit that I am getting a bit Napoleoned out now, lol.

The new additions

The Line Brigade.
I colour coded these with different tufts.
One unit has standard tufts, another has white flowers and the third has yellow flowers.
A subtle way of being able to distinguish between each unit.
Next up will be some more WotR and some AW Rangers.


  1. Well done. Those look impressive. I get burned out whenever I focus on one period or side for an extended period of time. Good job sticking it out.

  2. That's a good bunch of Westphalians. I have plans for a few units of them myself. I completely understand how you feel about painted too many Napoleonics.

  3. What you haven't done the light infantry yet :P

  4. very impressive work and very prolific great stuff Kev

  5. Nice!

    That reminds me, I'm hoping to get back to my Napoleonic German project after our Borodino big-bash.

  6. Cheers Guys.
    I must admit, I have painted a lot of Naps over the last three years.
    I have only the Light Infantry to finish now, as Loki points out.
    I am enjoying the War of the Roses though.
    The FIW is also something different for a change and I'm really enjoying those.

  7. Late toe party, as usual... Lovely work on these, Kev. I really like your simple idea of the use of grass/flowers to easily differentiate battalions - good thinking there!

  8. Hi Kev, I would like to use your top picture of the Westphalians for an army list for Lasalle rules. You will be credited with the picture.


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