Monday, 9 June 2014

All Quiet on the Cabin Front, well!, not really.

Sorry for the lack of bloggah activity recently folks.
Though I have not posted much, I have been busy.
Firstly, I have a new lappy, one of these touch screen laptop thingy's, and very nice it is too.
So I am spending more time reading other peoples blogs than messing around with my own.
But I am still stuck in the habit of using my desktop for posting, picture editing and all the other creative stuff.

I am very busy with Brigantes commissions at the moment, so much to do and so little time.
Currently working on WotR, Woodland Indians, Teutonics and a load of Sculpting in 28mm and 15mm.
They say diversity in the workplace makes things more interesting.
At this moment in time I would love to meet the idiot that said that.
Working alongside Andy with Brigantes is great and something we should have done years ago.
But fate dictated otherwise, so maybe now is the right time.
Although I still suffer with health issues, I am trying my hardest to spend as much time as I physically can at my workbench.

Gaming is going well.
My first game of "Bolt Action" was enjoyable and it really did suit our Thursday night gaming.
Quick enough for an evening gaming session.
We are currently giving "Hail Caesar" a good run.
I have designed a new 2/3 Playsheet with all the extra bits on that we usually forget, this is proving to be very useful.
The fact I have added rule book page numbers on the playheet for quick reference is proving very useful.
We want to become fully familiar with the rules.
We seem to have cracked the "Black Powder" rules, but we were still having problems remembering all the "Hail Caesar" tweaks.
Last Thursday was "HC" again and a bit more Roman on Celt action.
Re-worked rules for Hillforts to try out and some decent little scraps.
We played to NO points or scenario, just lots of troops and advance.

A few pics of the game.

Andy's Ancient British, Deployed and Ready

The Cavalry element of Andy's force

The Romans advance

Testudo's advancing to assault the Hillfort
Nice to see the Testudo's in action.
I made these a couple of weeks ago, they are a solid core with a few spare figures around the edges.
Once the shields are attached and a quick paint job, they look the part.

Stalemate on the Roman right
The new playsheet worked a treat.
A quick glance at the page number and straight to the book if a rules clarification was needed.
Andy had proof read the playsheet and it proved very useful indeed.

Andy's Right flank give's way to the Roman Juggernaut

The Hillforts brave defenders

The Hillfort assaulted from two sides.
I love the look of the 1/72 scale on my table.
The figure size is perfect and the unit sizes are spot on.
It really does mean we can build armies cheaply and effectively that wont take an eternity to paint.

Andy (Loki) and Glenn

A fun game, the Hillfort held for a turn against two assaults, the revised Hillfort rules seem to work better.
There was no real result when we called it and packed up for the evening.
This was a tester more than anything, just to let us get more familiar with the rules.
This week will be the "Dark Ages" and a bit of pillaging for Andy with the Viking horde.
My Saxons will be attempting to stand up to them this time (unlikely) and Glenn can choose his side.

AWI, in 15mm is also coming along nicely but slowly, I wish I had more time hahahahaha.
The BP awi supplement should be out soon and this one I cannot wait for, I do hope it lives up to my expectations.
I am also looking forward to another game of "Bolt Action" in the near future.
Enough of my ramblings anyways.
Back to the workbench methinks.


  1. Great looking pics, love the hillfort assault especially!

  2. Oh dear me I reckon I might pay for that last Picture at some stage, did not realise you took that one yer *%*%& still got to get into the spirit of things haven't we :)

  3. Hope your health improves. Being busy is a good problem to have I think. The games look great, it's the reason I like 1/72 as well.

  4. Glad that business is booming for you boys and a damn good looking game to boot, loved the Testudo!

  5. Sounds like an excellent game and a good time. Nice AAR!
    And by the way I'm glad to hear that your business is going well!

    Good luck furtheron

  6. cheers guys.
    Brigantes is very busy at the moment.
    I am looking forward to this weeks Dark Age clash


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