Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy, but still got a bit of time for Gaming.

Well, what a couple of weeks.
Visit to the Seaside, madness with the Green Stuff and a bit of gaming too.
I have just posted the recent War of the Roses unit over on Brigantes.
The last of the ECW "Kings Lifeguard of Foote" and an Irish Hero will follow.
We took the little one to Skeg Vegas last Saturday, a fun but very tiring day was had by all.
Myself, Charle, Chris and little Alex were totally Knackered on the sunday.
I just chilled and watched the footy.

Last Thursday's gaming was a foray into the Dark Ages with "Hail Caesar" again.
We played a sweet little scenario that involved Andy, living up to his namesake of Loki, leading a band of pillaging Vikings.
I had the local Saxon forces and Glenn marched on (hahaha) with the Saxon Field Army of the North.
Andy is doing a full batrep on this on his blog, so I will say no more.
But here are a few pics as a teaser.

The Attack on the Saxon town

Igritt with the local forces advances to aid the town

The Monks in the Monastery put up a small fight but are slaughtered

Glenn arrives with the Saxon Field Army, but is it too late

All the figures are 1/72 plastics by Strelets, Zvezda and Revell.
Buildings and Beach are Scratch built by myself, I do have my uses.


  1. Great looking pics, love the monastery...

  2. Great looking game, Need to get to Skegy again soon myself,


  3. Fantastic looking game Kev!

  4. Cheers Guys.
    Waiting for Andy to do the batrep on this, very interesting game.
    Heehee, he will have a tale to tell.


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