Thursday, 25 June 2015

Answers in July I hope

I have got my appointment through to see the hand surgeon.
9th July.
Big thanks to Andy (Loki) for the offer of taking me as it is a fair trip to the hospital.
Hopefully should have some answers and maybe a cure (wishful but positive thinking).
I really can't wait to get back to my work room.
This is driving me nuts.


  1. Best wishes mate. Not too long now.

  2. All the best, Kev, and I hope you're back at the studio before too long. Chin up, lad!

  3. I hope it goes well for you, and that Loki plays music of your choice, on the wireless, on the journey there :))

  4. I know how frustrating it is but your doing the right thing by keeping away from doing the work at the moment. Really do hope that it gets sorted and soon


  5. Best of luck with it mate. Got my fingers crossed for a positive outcome for you!

  6. Good luck and all the very best Kev!
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed until we hear of the outcome.


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